About Us
Colorado Deals provides a do-it-yourself coupon management, display and tracking service to businesses that have an internet website.

Watch THE DEMO to see how easy it is!

Many other online coupon services already exist that collect, advertise and distribute coupons from a wide variety of retailers, in order for the general public to search, download and print out their coupons. Just search Google or Yahoo for "printable coupons" or "online coupons" to find these types of sites.

Colorado Deals is different:

We provide you with a page on your existing website to display just your own product coupons.

Visitors to your website STAY ON YOUR WEBSITE to view, print and share your coupons directly from your website. They are not taken away from your site to a different site in order to get your coupons.

From your website your visitors can email and text-message your coupons directly to their friends and family, and share them through hundreds of online social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Of course they can also simply print them out.

In addition, you can use your business newsletter or mailing list to send regular email-blasts announcing your new coupons to your customers.

After initial setup, you simply log in to add, edit and remove your own coupons from your website.

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